Welcome to Mori no Uta Farm

About us

Pleasure to meet you!

In the most Northwestern point of Honshu Island. Mukatsuku Peninsula of Yamaguchi Prefecture is surrounded by the ocean and sky.

Here,we grow rice without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

As a rice-producing region for generations, we protected and were protected by the terraced rice paddies facing the ocean.

We ourselves are aware that we are part of the cycle of nature, and live from the blessings of nature, with many organisms such as ricefish, frogs, and fireflies.

We appreciate everything while listening to the many sounds of nature. And we enjoy managing this farm.

Morino uta Farm,about us

Morino uta Farm,about us,frog

Morino uta Farm,about us,nice to meet you

Our Values

Our rice paddies are our
customers’ rice paddies

Mori no Uta Farm is a small farm with only around 6000㎡ of rice paddies.

However, that is why we can think of each customer, from one rice paddy.

We then realize,

“Our farm is also our customers’ farm.”

As if we are raising children together, we grow rice feeling as one.

Like that, we believe that rice with our customers in mind would be delicious and special for each customer.

We value and believe this.


What We Want to Deliver

Morino uta Farm,about us

For a delicious experience exceeding expectation

What we want to deliver is “something that enriches a person’s life.”

There is nothing happier than having our products be a part of that.

We think that when we eat something really delicious,
we feel that the tastiness “seeps into our daily lives”
and fills us with optimism of “I feel that it’s going to get exciting!”

That is something that we can’t express in words.
They are“Good Vibes!”which are the best nutrient of life.

With that wish, we head to our rice paddies every day.

For those who want to feel the “Good Vibes”
of Mori no Uta Farm

Please try our rice that we nurtured carefully. We also have “Yasuragi-dokoro Mori no Uta” workshops where we jump out of the box of “Farms=Food.” Feel free to participate in the workshops.

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